DPIS offers comprehensive and flexible strategies. Our goal is to minimize risks thereby maintaining the highest level of security for our clients in any situation. We are committed to the principles of integrity and superior performance. Our highly skilled staff operates with utmost sensitivity and discretion, and their sound judgment and prudence consistently instill confidence in our clients. These professionals provide outstanding services, offering programming customized to individual needs and situations.

Our services include:
  • Personal Protection: Our approach to personal security is based on eliminating risks and vulnerabilities and avoiding potentially dangerous situations. We create a secure environment in which the individual can function unimpeded.

  • Site Security: Our officers are experts in securing such diverse sites as residences, offices, plants, hotels, sports arenas, academic institutions, and entertainment venues.

  • Audits: Our reviews begin with a thorough analysis during which we assess every aspect of security operations, including personnel. We then provide a detailed assessment which identifies shortcomings and provides courses of action for remediation.

  • Confidential Investigations: We conduct discreet investigations related to business malfeasance, including violations of compliance standards, and company procedures and policies. We are particularly adept at identifying, assessing, and providing courses of action in cases involving threats to personal safety.